Monkey black and white photograph - Prague Zoo

Creation is a wonderful thing, no? I mean, is it not miraculous that so many years ago, tiny cells joined to form larger organisms, and then were given the gift of living-breathing-life?

We cannot help but love the lives around us. Humans have always been fascinated by other life forms, painting their figures on walls of clay; undulating forms that followed the lines of the cave. They have studied them in every which way, always watching. In the past we watched to learn the wisdom of others, learning which berries are safe to eat, and whether the ice was too thin to cross. Even now, we can learn from biomimicry - copying the organisation of bees in alternative systems design, or watching the water roll off a duck's back, in order to model a better waterproof fabric. 

Along with wisdom, we have acquired over the years a peculiar set of technical terms for groups of animals. These words are fascinating too, and I sometimes ponder their etymological origins. When I read back over these, my imagination runs riot...

Tired monkey sleeping against a tree branch.

A barrel of monkeys, hooting with laughter.

Elephants and baby elephant drinking water at Prague zoo.

A parade of elephants, taking a break.

Snake skin up close

A nest of snakes,
hiding from sight.

Baby mice in a little cuddling nest

A mischief of mice,
all huddled for warmth.

Two little chipmunks in a desert scene.

A scurry of chipmunks, thieving the nuts.

Polar bears swimming

A celebration of Polar Bears, shaking off water.

Big cat sleeping in a tree with paws hanging over the branch
Tiger paw and stripes

A destruction of wild cats, sleeping in trees.

Green iguana looking at you.

A lounge of lizards, lazing in sunlight.

Small crocodile sitting with its mouth open.

A congregation of alligators, mouths all agape.

Gorilla sleeping

A band of gorillas, just wanting a rest.

Seal in a blue pool

A rookery of seals, twisting and turning.

Two cute lemurs with black and white markings.

A troop of lemurs, searching for food.

When lemurs cuddle together, it is technically called a Lemur Ball.