Bojnice Castle - a real life Disney castle, of pink stone and blue towers, in Slovakia.



at the castle,

reveals its pink light

on the very walls of the keep.


Sandstone turned to roses,

roses in the windows,

roses in amongst

the creeping ivy...

I spot two deer, a male and female, through the greenery...

they see us too, and then they are gone.


This spring will only last an hour,

an enchantment bound within a circle,

for, beyond the moat and the drifting swans,

it is still winter... the woods are bare, the leaves have fallen,

in one great red carpet that rustles underfoot.


Encircled by emeralds

love locked,

moat, gate, and drawbridge,

within these walls

the castle sits:

an emblem of romance,

a jewel set aside, its owner long gone.



The charming pink stone castle of Bojnice, Slovakia - complete with turrets in blue.
White swans in the green moat of Bojnice Castle.
Autumn in Slovakia - when all the forest turns red.
Bojnice Castle at sunrise - the moat is green and the stone is pink.
Pink and blue castle turrets - beautiful ivy crawling up the walls - the romantic castles of Slovakia.
A tiny stone castle on an island surrounded by a moat - with a small wooden bridge.
Gold heart shaped locks on a chain bridge.
Red leaves in a red forest - autumn in Slovakia.