Blagaj Tejika - a sacred spring in Bosnia and Hercegovina.



sunset on the spring turns the waters dark,
- black silk pouring forth from a low cavern.

lights are kindled now, in the dervish house,
- golden orbs that lay bobbing on the water.

and from some hidden balcony, a man's voice sounds the call to prayer,
- honey toned melancholy, trembling in the night air.


I could have embedded myself in the rock wall,
listening, sustaining myself with the sweetness of it all.

The black and blue waters of Blagaj in winter - near Mostar.
Water springs from the cave of Blagaj.
Blagaj Tejika - a small islamic center sits above the dark waters of the spring at sunset.
Lights in the building.
Lights spring out over the dark blue waters of Blagaj.
sunset over Blagaj and cliffs.