Bigar cascades - a waterfall over moss into a blue river in Romania.

Soft, that carpet, but like the weeds in the parking lot, bent on larger ends. Along with the wind, rain, freezing cold, and summer heat, these simple plants (lichens and then mosses) slowly render the giant boulder they cling to into one of Earth’s most precious treasures: good, rich soil. Slowly they crack their hosts into shards, gravel, and then sand. Always, the searching roots probe deep into the stone, drawing out precious minerals and transforming them into new life.


Moss grows where water can be found: on the dark side of trees, and in the splashing pools of waterfalls, or on the dripping walls of caverns... Moss loves water.

And yet, moss loves rock too.

Moss hugs the rocks, reaching its roots down deep, to hold on tightly. In the process, the rock becomes weathered - cracked by plant roots

{roots stronger than concrete}

This breaking down of the rock releases small particles: elements that were locked up in the rock's chemistry, such as Iron and Phosphorous.

{locks and keys and hidden treasure}

These elements, so essential for plant growth, are then distributed - some going back into the moss, some carrying on through the water to reach other plants, and eventually, the sea.

{ all is one, in symbiosis }

Time carries on, cycling and cycling, flowing through these ancient processes. Rock to earth to plant to air to water to plant to earth to rock.


Bigar Cascades - the mossy waterfall of Romania, below a small pagoda.
Waterfalls in an Autumn forest in Romania - over mossy rocks.
Decebal's head carved into a rockface.
Icicles on a mossy wall.
A waterfall on an overhanging mossy rock.
Interesting ice formation over rock - bumpy and wavy.
Decebal carving in a cliffside in Romania - with autumn trees.
A small cave near Bigar Cascades - set about with hanging icicles.
The most beautiful waterfall in Europe - Bigar Cascades in Romania.


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