Berlin Fernsehturm skytower

You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.

My French next-door-apartment-neighbor was a wild kinda guy. He had long grey dreads that always were lifted off the ground by one of their own, and a pair of vivid blue eyes in a dark face. He played electronic music in the middle of the day, the sounds reverberated around the building and in the walls. He told me on no uncertain terms, that I absolutely must visit Berlin.

So, of course I had to visit Berlin.

Berlin was cool. The kinda cool that seems effortless, that doesn't give a rat's ass about anything. In the U-bahn, a young man took his shoes off and reclined along the seats with a book over his face. On the streets, we found a multitude of art forms, expressions, posters screaming 'revolution,' stickers, times and dates of small indie gigs, graffitied scrawls of space-exploring penguins. There were recycling bins everywhere! It was also a raw place - the past cannot hide in Berlin. It is written on the walls in bullet-holes, and the new city has made its home in the shells of the old, like a hermit crab. And the sunsets were always gorgeous: a dark red sun that drifts past an orange horizon into the florescent night. Berlin was so darn cool.


Graffiti on the Berlin Wall - colourful layers of graffiti.
Hipster coffee cart in Berlin
A red sunset in the smog of Berlin.
Old school buses selling Currywurst in Berlin.
Bicycle on the streets of Berlin.
currywurst at a small cart in Berlin
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin in the spring.
Skyscraper with sharp edges in Berlin Potsdamer Platz.
Layers and layers of posters on a lamp post, in Berlin.
Fernsehturm and the Berlin skyline seen from above.
Hipster thrift shops in Berlin, with odd things like mannequins dressed in funny clothes.
Thrift shops in Berlin selling all manner of odd things.
Rain on the window, and people passing with colourful umbrellas in Berlin