Austrian village with a river, painted houses with window shutters, and green hills.


Pastel coloured houses all in a row.
Collections of medieval treasures: large suits of armor, a small house made of wood shavings, coral-boxes representing the nativity, and peep-show paintings of dwarves. 
Flower-pots brimming with red geraniums.
Snow covered mountains and waterfalls.
Cows roaming free with bells on, and a museum of bells - the oldest in the world.
Some of the brightest names to grace our species: Gregor Mendel, Empress Maria Theresa, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Mozart, Erwin Schrödinger, Sigmund Freud, and Christian Doppler.
Churches of pink and white, and fiddly gold filigree.
All manner of pastries, strudels, cakes and kaiserschmarnn.
Verdant valleys cupping glacial blue lakes and edged in moss covered forest.
Peacocks on palace lawns.
Paintings of empresses, duchesses, and of Marie Antoinette.
Castle parapets.
Wild strawberries growing by the wayside.
Chocolates galore - some wrapped in a foil printed with Mozart's likeness.
Delicately painted decorative eggs. Also, delicately painted boiled eggs for breakfast.
A wealth of history! 
Innsbruck colourful houses in Austria
Queen Maria Theresia, when she is younger - painted portrait at the Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck
Innsbruck restaurant awnings, Austria
Stone steps and potted plants in Salzburg
Beautiful old Austrian woodwork and inlays at the Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck
Painted walls at Schloss Ambras in Austria - canopies, curlicues, ribbons, leaves.
Ceiling mouldings and painted walls in an Austrian church
Candelabra in an old Austrian church.
Hotel Sacher Torte cake in Salzburg, Austria.
Peacocks resting in a colourful garden at Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
Pink roses at the wooden garden gate, Salzburg.
Painted eggs Salzburg, Austria.
Mozartkugel - austrian chocolate balls with a picture of Mozart on the wrapper.
A church and a small village and flowers in Austria on a rainy day