broken bird's egg nest

When my next door neighbour was about seven years old, she came across me, frolicking and taking photos in the backyard. She liked to walk on over to our place from time-to-time, to pat the lambs and knock on our door looking for adventurous companionship, (or a peanut-butter sandwich). Boundaries meant nothing to her at that young age. 

Intrigued, Abby asked me if she could 'have a go' with the camera, and then proceeded to take over the rest of my afternoon, bossing me about while taking a bazillion pictures. At some point, we found a small, blue, broken eggshell lying under the shadow of an old macrocarpa tree. Abby took some of the most beautiful photos of that egg, placing it delicately in trees and bushes. I watched as her mind formed a kind of story with the blue egg, the pictures illustrating her tale...

bird's egg in tree
blue bird's egg in tree
blue egg in green leaves