Gathering around a beach bonfire Purakaunui

My 21st birthday was everything I wished it to be:

A gathering of friends and family, all of those I love.

A place that I hold dear, a beach, some sand, a lovely little bay. 

A day of adventures, exploring the rock pools, setting up a make-shift tent from sheets, and a sandcastle building competition.

And a tonne of really great food: sausages cooked on a bonfire, fruit and cheese and crackers, and of course a huge pavlova cake drenched in berry coulis, (and a little bit of sand). 

Tent fort on the beach made of branches and sheets
Purakaunui beach Dunedin NZ
Sandcastle competition with tealight and seashells at dusk
Tiny white paua shell on the beach at Purakaunui
Standing in a silvery sea at Purakaunui NZ
Two sandcastles on the beach
Rock pools and anemones and seaweed NZ
Looking into rock pools along the beach
Roasting sausages on a bonfire at the beach

After the cake, there were fireworks and big hugs and a few goodbyes - because I was leaving in only a few days to France, to study abroad.

While I was studying overseas, I held the memories of this gathering very dear. 

Sparkler circles
Fireworks on the beach NZ
Fireworks in gold and red and green