The Blue Pools and the Haast Pass river in the late afternoon.


We escaped with next to nothing, one Saturday morning,
Ollie and I.
We wove our way up the West Coast
sleeping in the car and under the stars
and with a host of mosquitoes and sandflies.
Each day was our own, to do with as we pleased,
and what we pleased to do was to walk.
To walk beside blue rivers.
To walk in mossy forests, under beech trees bearded with lichen.
To walk on the beaches - rocky ones, pebbled new beaches of river-stones.
To walk seeking waterfalls hidden in the woods.
To walk under the austere gaze of glaciers.
We were like the tributaries and small fissures of a river, making finger-like journeys into the bush and the coastal dunes on either side of that narrow, black stream - that one road that runs along the rim of the island.
A blue river by the Blue Pools, on the West Coast of NZ.
The Blue Pools, on the West Coast of NZ.
Mountains near Fox Glacier - and native bush in New Zealand.
Cairns of stacked rocks by a river in Haast.
Moss growing on a tree in the native bush, NZ.
Driving on the West Coast under the full moon.
Fantail falls on the West Coast of NZ.
A fern koru in spring, the New Zealand native bush.
A small ponga tree by a river in the New Zealand native bush.
Fox Glacier at dawn seen through the trees.
Jersey cows in fields under the mountains, New Zealand.
Franz Josef Glacier reflected in Peter's Pool in the summer.
Hokitika sign, New Zealand coast.
Small bits of greenstone on the beach in Hokitika.
Punakaiki pancake rocks on the West Coast.
Truman Track - a beach waterfall on the West Coast of NZ
Pancake rocks in Punakaiki.
Sunset over hills on the West Coast of NZ.
Stars at sunrise on the West Coast of NZ.