A wall of broken glass, at the Rail Yards, an abandoned place in Albuquerque.

no market today

instead we sneak
like mice amongst millet
looking for pleasures
we aren't supposed to find

A cop rounds the corner
of the chain-link
and we duck down to dusty concrete

but high up on the roof
and along iron rafters
there is no fear of capture
only of falling
which is actually
closer to elation

I pause, alone now,
kicking at the wooden blocks
that spill out of the floor
and gazing upwards to green glass windows
trying to hear the trains

At The Rail Yards in Albuquerque.
The Rail Yards - a beautiful abandoned complex of buildings in Albuquerque
Standing in a giant doorway, the Rail Yards.
Colourful graffiti at the Rail Yards.
An abandoned building - part of the old Rail Yards.
Pillars and graffiti inside the Rail Yards.
Glass windows at the Rail Yards.
Two doves sit in broken windows, between graffiti at the Rail Yards.
Climbing to the roof of an abandoned building.
On the roof at the Rail Yards with trains passing by.
Looking down at the abandoned railway building in Albuquerque
An old filing cabinet at the Rail Yards in Albuquerque.