The pink waters of Salins du Midi, with a pier.



[ salty pink fields ]


salt lakes

bordered like fields

grazed by flamingos

the harvest is pink.


off in the distance

lit by a mediterranean sun

a castle sits, watching over this

rosy dominion.


the coffers are full

mountains of riches

white and gleaming

raked ashore by the men in tall boots.


water runs in and out

through channels

gates and sluices

it is hard work, in these fields.


but the real worker is a tiny algae

 - halophilic...

it drinks in the sunlight

and by some alchemical process

akin to the green grass

it turns those energies



and when all is quiet

the wind but a whisper

there blooms on the surface

of all the pink fields

a kind of salt flower...

'fleur de sel'




Seagull flying over pink waters at the Salins du Midi salt flats.
The salt flats of Salins du Midi with a white castle structure behind.
Streaks of pollen through the pink waters of Salins du Midi.
Salt rocks - white lumps of salt at Salins du Midi.
A huge hill of salt, walking the hill of salt at Salins du Midi.
Pure white salt granules, raw and unprocessed.
Pink sea waters and white rocks on the shore.