Pohutukawa tree NZ in hills of green

Pohara is one of those places that seems to be cut off from the world. There, time gets anywhere of its own accord, and noise is silenced. What is left is a kind of steady calm. The villages around about - of Pohara, Takaka, and Golden Bay - are places of refuge, where one can go to seek nature and humanity at its finest.

The people of that region have developed a way of living that seems so simple: in Golden Bay, they have set up a system of alternative currency, and in Takaka there are many festivals of music and art, bringing the peoples and communities together.

The natural world of this region is also very special, with extensive cave systems under the earth, soft sand beaches on the coast, beechwood forests reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, and some of the clearest spring waters on the planet. With this abundance of natural beauty, the energies of the area seem very strong, drawing in all kinds of wandering souls...

If you find your own soul wandering in the direction of Pohara, then be sure to check out these awesomely awesome favourite places of mine:

Monarch butterfly on NZ pohutukawa
Jester's Cafe feeding the eels in New Zealand
Reggae music in Pohara Village square NZ
Horses on the lawn NZ
Piglets running free in Pohara, NZ
white sands at Takaka, NZ
the green hills of Nelson Valley and Pohara in NZ