Cargill's Castle - an abandoned castle, Dunedin NZ.


harsh wind and coastal rain
slantways in the ballroom
must have sucked out the memories long ago

what exists is different - a concrete shell
ghostless, roofless, stairless
full of trees

Maybe I watch expecting a miracle
or a catastrophe.

and the circle is almost completed

First love:
the love of the settler for land

Second love:
the love of the architect for the Lord's daughter

Third love:
the love of the soldier for the cabaret

Fourth love:
the love of old ladies for tea-rooms

Fifth love:
the love of the wind for lonely places by the sea


Oliver climbing the fence to Cargill's Castle
Looking at Cargill's Castle from the road. 
Trees growing inside the abandoned castle.
Twisted trees and an abandoned NZ castle.
GIF of Cargills Castle and an old fireplace. Walking through the castle.
Inside the abandoned Cargill's Castle, Dunedin.
The window on the ocean, Cargill's Castle on the Dunedin coast.