Brenda Pilas being silly and doing some yoga in the sea.
Brenda laughing and losing her yoga pose.


noun/ˈjoʊɡə/ | Sanskrit, योग

from the root yuj: - to join - to unite - to attach -

1. A person who is proficient in Yoga.


visions, wisdom, ancestors,

She is a point of light between the heavens and the Earth. She seems, to me, tapped into a higher power. Sometimes when we talk, she will mention her dreams of the night before, or of a month ago. Once she told me of a dream in which she was a child, running the paths along a cliff-bound village. She said she felt no fear of falling, and felt much more agile. Later, in waking life, a friend told her about the small villages built into the cliffs by Meso-Americans thousands of years ago. When I asked her about the meaning of her dream she answered me in a non-direct fashion, instead stating that she felt it was a great privilege to be shown these visions, and be allowed to feel such abilities. It comes from my ancestors, she said.


Both a young soul and an old one. Cartwheels and contemplations. Taurus guides her; she is fascinated by all that is Earthly: plants, creatures, rocks. She proudly owns two beautiful dogs and one cat, but treats them as her equal, as if she is there only to be a companion and not master. She is filled with this kind of living wisdom. She tells me many things about the plants, their chemical properties and such:

Rose is astringent, it can stop the flow of blood on a cut.

She sits by trees and by large stones, placing her back up against the base, then imagines her roots running into the ground while her branches stretch into the heavens above.

creatures, plants, meditations,



Brenda admiring a hibiscus flower.
Brenda standing in seaweed in the shallows of the sea.
Brenda inspecting a seashell.
Her attitudes towards others inspired me to be more compassionate, and that is a beautiful thing in another person: when their compassion creates ripples around them, like droplets in a pool of water.
When we were in Mexico, Brenda would spend the mornings doing yoga or watching the sunrise, while I still drooled happily onto my pillow. But in the evenings sometimes our paths would cross, and would do cartwheels together. Or laugh. Or look at small hermit crabs.
Red and black sea snail shell, in a rock pool in Mexico.
Odd swirly seaweed with yellow and purple colours
Brenda Pilas with sunflowers on her head.
Zoe in Frida Kahlo style.
The gorgeous Brenda Pilas, with flowers in her hair.
A flower and seashell mandala, made from nature.

That day we made a sea-mandala,

admiring the beauty of those ocean things,

before leaving them to the times and tides.