Brenda as a fairy, blowing a magic kiss with her crystal ball.

Brenda has a unique set of wisdoms, as do we all.
Brenda's wisdom relates to the earth.
She is the fairy of trees, of flowers and of rocks.

When we talk, or go for walks, Brenda becomes my eyes and ears onto a world I would not otherwise see. She shows me the plants, telling me of their edible and medicinal properties. She will spend minutes with each plant, giving each one her full attention and thought.

I love flowers
lots of flowers
trees... I don’t know
I feel that tree beings are so relatable, you know?
Slow and steady and... grounded.
Everything has a rhythm and a pattern
and all the patterns connect.
I believe that each person
should have access to health and vibrancy;
the earth is our medicine
plants are like keys to the locks
inside our bodies -
they just fit.
Fairies whispering together under pink blossoms.
Zoe fairy, with a crystal ball, under the pink blossoms trees.
Brenda fairy eating cherry blossoms.
Dried roses and a wooden treasure box.
Honey bee in magenta blossoms
The Earth loves in flowers